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Detour: Relaxing in Milan

June 20th, 2016 vmoret18


My friend (Leyda) and I leave to Argentina in less than three days and since the Maymester program has come to an end we decided to take a “mini-vacation” to Milan. A train ride and less than two hours later we were sitting at my Leyda family house in Milan. In the few days that we had we decided to visit the downtown area and walk around. We also visited the Duomo and it was very beautiful! I am not sure which Duomo I consider the most breathtaking, Florence or Milan, but they are definitely both enormous and very detailed. We also decided to be adventurous and bike around the city after the sun had set. It was actually a hassle to rent out the bikes although the instructions seemed so simple. It took us over one-hour to figure out the situation, but we finally got it. During this little adventure I realized I am not a good bike-rider and as a result always kept my friend, Leyda, and her cousin waiting. It was also a lot harder than I thought to ride a bike on cobblestone; nonetheless the experience was something very unique.


As the last day approached I could not imagine myself leaving Italy without having an awesome gelato one more time and so of course I had to buy my favorite combination of dark chocolate with hazelnut and coffee! If there is something I really am going to miss from Italy, it is definitely the delicious and inexpensive gelato!





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  1. Very interesting way to put it! Thank you!

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