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I am addicted to gelato!

June 15th, 2016 vmoret18

Upon arriving in Italy, I never imagined that I would become addicted to gelato! Back at home I rarely ever have any kind of ice cream, yet here I have gelato at least once a day if not more. While I have tasted many gelatos in the three weeks that I have been here, I have to say that Edoardo’s in Florence is one of the best gelato I have tasted. Their organic ingredients and homemade cones really add the “cherry on top” – pun intended. Edoardo’s gelatos are creamy, decadent and made with fresh ingredients that really create an explosion in your mouth. I purchased the chocolate-hazelnut and cinnamon flavor gelato, which has been by far the best combination! Not only is their gelato very affordable, but it is just delicious. Below I posted more pictures of my gelato experience, warning though, not all are from Edoardo!
















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