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Packing disaster!

May 18th, 2016 vmoret18

I cannot believe I depart in less than 48 hours and I have yet to finish packing! There is so much to do and so little time – dramatic? – No reality. On Thursday, I will be departing for a Maymester in Italy and this will be my second time in Europe. According to the weather report it is suppose to be mostly sunny and high 60’s low 80’s which sounds awesome – unless your in my situation. Italy is not the only place I will be traveling to once I leave the states. After completing my Maymester program I will be departing to South America for the first time and completing a semester in Argentina! The excitement and thrill to travel are what keeps me sane, but the opposite weather is not helping me when it comes to packing, as Argentina will be ranging between 30-60 F degrees. As you can see below, my bed has a range of clothes that go from very lightweight to super heavy for the colder nights! Sadly, the packing does not stop here because of course I need a bunch of shoes – a girl’s biggest obsession. The weight from my jackets, jeans, shorts, sweaters, shirts, sandals, purses, make-up, jewelry etc. has my luggage super overweight.

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At the beginning of my decision to study abroad, I was determined to take on the challenge to pack for two countries, two different weathers and six month in the luggage permitted by the airline which is one large suitcase (50 lbs.) and a carry-one plus a backpack, but that was a fail. After weeks of convincing myself and mentally preparing myself, I failed and cracked under pressure to purchase a second luggage! While not my favorite choice it sure does make me feel more comfortable about distributing my clothes more evenly and not being overweight at the airport since no one would be there to take items back home – wait – did I mention I was leaving through JFK, New York airport? Well that is an adventure you must continue to read to learn more about!

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